The Group of Seven Guitar Project

I finally had a chance to check out the Group of Seven Guitar Project at Canada House in Trafalgar Square this week and thoroughly enjoyed my visit! I've loved the work of the Group of Seven since my early twenties when I first visited Ontario and had the good fortune to check out an exhibition there. The idea of a guitar based Group of Seven project featuring many of my favourite luthiers was almost too much to handle! In this video I share my impressions about the exhibition and look at the work of both groups of seven!

The guitar version of the Group of Seven is made up of George Gray, Tony Duggan-Smith, Sergei de JongeDavid Wren, Grit Laskin, Linda Manzer and Jean Larrivée, all of whom have had an extraordinary impact on the acoustic guitar world as we know it. I can honestly say the exhibition was a massive source of inspiration, thank you to everyone involved!

Click here for more information on the London show

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