Filming at Sound Network London - The UK Home of DPA Mics!

It will come as no great surprise to many reading this that the prospect of an afternoon spent with some of the finest microphones in the world triggers a Pavlovian response in me. As such I always look forward to visiting my friends at Sound Network London who have been extremely generous with their time and expertise over the years. 

This week I was delighted to accept an invitation to check out the full range of mics by DPA and film some video performances which I will share with you when they are released! 

While I've used DPA miniature mics such as the 4060 and 4099 a lot over the years, both as instrument mics and for voice/film work. The new 4099 d:vote Core guitar-mounted model is very special indeed - I look forward to sharing a review with you on my YouTube channel soon. 

My experiences with the serious quality of their flagship mics such as the d:dicate 4006A has sadly been limited to a handful of recording sessions. This was a golden opportunity to get involved with some very, very serious kit... just gorgeous!

Thanks to all at Sound Network for an afternoon very well spent. If you're looking for some serious recording or stage microphones then the DPA range should definitely be on your shortlist. Tell them I sent you!

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