Michael Watts's skills as a composer, arranger and performer build upon one another creating an aural masterwork”

John Thomas - Fretboard Journal

It's kind of mind-blowing how awesome he is... He's an acoustic juggernaut!”

Tony Polecastro - Acoustic Life

Michael Watts sings with a human voice through the guitar... I have not heard a guitar sound more beautiful than this”

— Michael Chapdelaine

Latest News

Latest News

Hanging out with Ben Walker in Brighton

Ben Walker has been one of my favourite players for a while now and it was a pleasure to finally get to meet him at his studio in Brighton this week. 

Ben's beautiful new album Echo has just been released…

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Checking out Branwell Guitars

Nick Branwell is a London-based luthier who is perhaps best known for his beautiful Torres style classical guitars. Recently Nick has turned his attentions to the steel-string acoustic instrument and he invited me to visit his workshop this week to…

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1935 Gibson Super 400? Yes please!

I spent a wonderful morning at ATB Guitars in Cheltenham this week and amongst the frankly superb (even for someone as jaded as me!) inventory I found this beautiful Gibson Super 400 from 1935, the first year of production.  


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5000 Year Old Bog Oak - Is it any Good?

Well, that's a very good question! As the buying public's appetite for exotic woods (especially post-CITES Dalbergia alternatives) has increased, there has been something of a rush to find the next, greatest, coolest, rarest, oldest, etc woods possible. One choice…

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The 5am Tango

I'll just leave this here... I hope you enjoy it!

Do please share, comment etc. Your support means a lot to me. If you'd like a closer look at the mic set-up, well it's two pairs of Gefell M300's and…

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Writing The 5am Tango

So here's the thing, I know nothing about tangos, literally nada. My only real tango experience was that scene in Scent of a Woman where Al Pacino dances with Gabrielle Anwar. Maybe that hit me at a formative age, who…

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Trying a new Turnstone Guitar

As far as I'm concerned there are few things in life as pleasurable as playing a new guitar for the luthier who made it. In this case the instrument in question was a beautiful small body TS model in Bog…

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